Birchbox Canada is a subscription that costs $14.95 CAD monthly, this includes shipping.  I was in the mood for a little pampering and my box happened to arrive just at the right time.  I was able to test out everything that I received, so this post is an unboxing and a review!

As usual everything arrived in a lovely box, this month’s is pink.  At first glance I wasn’t very thrilled with the contents because I received 2 hair products and I’ve never had much luck with hair samples I’ve received in the past.

I used the Harvey Prince Hello shampoo and I swear there was barely enough in the bottle to get one wash.  I don’t like when just the shampoo or the conditioner is sent because most products work better with each other.  Anyways, it cleaned my hair but I can’t really say if it was good or not.  Next I received a Catherine Malandrino perfume  called Style de Paris.  It has a lovely light fruity floral scent which was appealing to me but when I wore it for an entire day, I could not smell it on myself at all.  I like a long lasting scent and I think you would have to continuously apply this one.

My second hair product was a surprise hit for me.  12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is a leave in conditioner.  I found my hair was very silky smooth and easy to straighten after using this product. It has a nice light floral scent. The derma e Purifiying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask was not a favourite of mine.  I love using masks, so I slathered this grey clay type mask on to my face, left it on for the required time, added a little water as instructed and smeared it around on my face and rinsed with water.  I patted my face dry, looked up at myself in the mirror and was horrified to find that it didn’t completely rinse off and all of my pores were filled with the product.  I had to use a face cloth to scrub the residual mask off of my face and then I had to use an exfoiliant to get my pores cleaned out.  In the end it all came off, but what an ordeal!

This Eyeko Black Magic Mascara was also a surprise hit for me.  I have never heard if this brand, so I was quite skeptical about the claims that it “curls, adds volume and has major staying power”.  You know what, those claims are true!  I applied 2 coats and my eyelashes were long, thicker without being clumpy and looked beautiful.  I wore this mascara all day long and it looked fantastic.  Not one smudge, smear or flake.  I was a little worried about removal as it’s water-resistant and it did take me longer than usual to take it off, but my micellar water came through and it came off.  I think this is a terrific product.  Birchbox lists the full size as costing $32 CAD.

So I received 2 products that I just love, one that I couldn’t tell, one that was okay and one that I hated.  I’m actually happy with the box this month because the 2 products that I love were just great and I’m happy to have tried them out!