The feel of this eyeshadow is what made me buy it.  I had swatched it in Sephora and picked it up for $36 CAD and I bought the colour Fantaisie.  I was looking for a nude pink matte shadow and this colour was perfect.  When I initially swatched it in the store, I couldn’t decide if it was a powder or not although it’s presented as a mousse gel.  The texture was so silky, my finger just glided over it.  It smelled faintly of rose.  It was packaged beautifully in a glass jar with a screw top lip and it came with a small silver brush.

I used it several times and it was wonderful, I didn’t use the brush to apply as it was pretty useless, but my finger seemed like the perfect tool.  The colour all over the lid and a black winged eyeliner was exactly what I was looking for.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and application started to become difficult.  It was hard to get any product on to my finger and if I got enough on then it would ball up and pieces would fall off my eyelid when I applied.  It was very obvious that it had started to dry out even though I secured the cap tightly after every use.

It was such a shame to lose so much product after paying so much money for it.  I researched and found several instructional videos on how to revive a dried up cream shadow.  I have tried a few and they worked for awhile, but it completely changed the texture of the product and the shadow would revert to dried out status again.  For this review, I put a couple of drops of water into the shadow and used the microwave at 5 second intervals until it became smooth enough to mix together.  It now has a stiff mousse texture that works but is just not the same feel.  This eyeshadow has been by far my most favourite and also my biggest disappointment.