I had never bought any make up from The Body Shop before and I was curious about these Shimmer Cubes.  I bought these from their website for $22.00 CAD in the palette 26.  Each shadow comes in its own little cube with a lid inside a bigger cube with a lid.  I thought that this was an awesome idea for travel because you could take just the colours you needed if you owned more than one of these palettes.

Theses shadows are shimmery, but not over the top.  I find they are very wearable.  They last long on me when I wear a primer.  The lightest colour Champagne Pink has a beautiful champagne pink shift, hence the name I guess.  My favourite one is Light Coral and I have used it many times as a blush. I think the other two pink colours could be used as a blush as well.  Although the colours are beautiful, in this particular palette you would have a difficult time creating an eye look unless you just want one colour all over the lid.  There are several other palettes offered and a few have more contrasting colours.  As with all other Body Shop products, the ingredients are fair trade and not tested on animals.