I had tried and reviewed a similar spray by Degree that I just loved, so I thought I would give the Dove brand a try.  I picked it up at Walmart for $5.97 CAD.  This product costs a dollar more than the Degree.  Dove Dry Spray is supposed to give you 48 hours of protection, so of course I had to test that out.  I did my best and got a day and a half without any odour, then I had a shower.  I did not have any foul stinky smells from my pits, so it works”.  This product does apply dry, so it’s easy to get dressed immediately after application.


I found this to be a great antiperspirant except for one thing.  The scent of this particular one is almost unbearable.  It stays with you all day long and smells heavily like powder and flowery perfume.  I don’t find the scent appealing at all.  I have been using it regardless just to finish it off, I can’t say what the others smell like as I haven’t tried them.  I’ll be going back to the Degree brand,  you can read my review about that one here.  I think performance wise they are on the same level but the Degree is cheaper.  If you don’t mind spending the extra money for a more girly scented antiperspirant then the Dove brand might be right for you.