Why is finding a burgundy eyeshadow so difficult?  Ok, let me clarify, a burgundy eyeshadow that is not full of sparkles and will hold the colour when blending and not end up looking brown.  I picked up these two palettes at Walmart for $5.00 CAD, it was a 2 for $5 deal.  I was also looking for an orange colour as well.  These two palettes looked like they might work for me.  I got the palettes Streets Paved in Gold and Central Park Plums.

First impressions were that the packaging was pretty nice and the colours were quite beautiful all had a bit of shimmer.  I have never bought NYC eyeshadows before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Swatching was OK, the shadows felt hard and I really needed to go over the swatches twice to get the colours to show up.  I came up against a couple of other problems during application.  I was having a lot of difficulty blending, the colours would just look muddy when I tried to blend side by side, it’s like they couldn’t hold their own and it looked messy.  I’ve tried several times with no success.

I always like to apply a little bit of shimmer on the inner lid area and I usually just dampen a brush and use a shadow from the palette I’m using.  I was unable to pick up any colour when I dampened the brush and nothing would apply.  I’ve had success with every other palette I have ever used and this is the first one that wouldn’t work.  Wearability was another problem, the colour just seemed to fade away during the day.

The reality is, the shadows were $2.50 for each trio and I got what I paid for.  If anyone knows of a great burgundy shadow please let me know, I’m still searching!