Spray lotion?  Yes I had to try it!  I picked this up at Walmart for $5.97 CAD in the scent Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract.  It has a lovely warm floral tropical scent that I very much enjoy.  The light scent lingers fairly long throughout the day.  This lotion comes in a continuous spray format which is a lovely concept except for a few things.  First of all it’s shockingly cold when applying, this is nice in the summer but in the cold weather it feels uncomfortable.  Once you spray it all over, you still have to rub it in which is easy to do.  The formula is light and easy to smooth over the skin. 

The instructions say to hold the can 4 inches from the skin when applying.  One of the biggest drawbacks is the overspray and there is a warning on the can that the floor can become slippery when using.  To try to avoid this, I applied while standing on a bath mat, but then it concerned me that I might be ruining the bath mat so then I just sprayed it into my hand to apply so I wouldn’t make a mess.  So then what’s the point of having a spray?  Exactly!  

It does make my skin soft and smell good, but it’s not any more moisturizing than a regular lotion.  For some reason I thought it might be a time saver after a shower, sort of a spray and go thing, but it’s not.  It’s an OK product but nothing spectacular for me.