I found something on the Annabelle website that I just couldn’t resist.  I have never heard of it before and I think it’s absolutely amazing and fun!  For $9.95 CAD you can make your own lip gloss!  You choose your base colour, then choose your colour intensity, choose your sparkle and shimmer and then you name it using up to 4 characters, you can choose your font for the name and you can choose an icon.  I did all of this and named it “Mine” with a lips icon.

I was absolutely delighted when I received it.  I would think that they have these colours already made up with all of the possible outcomes with the colour combinations provided as mine was labelled 233.  This makes no difference to me because the fun of choosing all of the different components has given me a colour that I would absolutely have chosen for myself.  I think this would make a great gift!  An order of $30 and above ships for free, which is a great deal as well.

I guess I should talk about the gloss itself.  The colour I made was fairly opaque, so I get good colour with one application.  The gloss has a good slip to it and is in no way sticky.  It’s been lasting for 4 hours on me and needs reapplying after eating and drinking.  It’s a great product with a bit of fun and creativity added.  I know you’ll want to make one for yourself so check it out here.