This is weird, but I picked up this mascara at a Fabric Store called Len’s Mills.  This store carries lots of other things as well and I was surprised to find a make up display.  The mascara cost $2.99 CAD and I bought the colour black.

I had heard of the brand Jordana, but I’ve never seen it in Canada before.  I’ve been using this mascara off and on now for awhile and it’s turned into my lazy day minimal look mascara.  It has great lasting power and it does not smudge, smear or transfer on me even though it’s not waterproof.  It’s also not clumpy on me and that’s because I find that I cannot build it up.  It does a fine job coating my lashes and make them look darker, but a second coat doesn’t add anything, it almost just smooths out what you just applied.  There is absolutely no length or volume achieved when I use it.  So if you are looking for something just to darken your lashes, this might be the perfect product at a perfect price.