I spent some Birchbox points during a customer appreciation sale and I was able to pick up this palette for $4.99 CAD.  It has 20 eyeshadows and they are supposed to be dupes for the Naked 1 & 2 palettes by Urban Decay.  I was never really interested in those palettes or this one either because I tend to wear cooler tones of eyeshadow and these ones are all on the warmer side.  Because the price was right, I decided to buy it.

There are a few colours that are on the cooler side and I’ve been using them the most and have been incorporating some of the warmer shadows into my looks.  It’s been working just great.  These shadows are soft and very blendable.  There are 5 matte shadows in the palette and the rest are quite shimmery.  I’m surprised about how much I’m enjoying playing with the colours in this palette and it’s probably because I don’t have many warmer toned shadows in my collection.

There are some colours in the palette that are extremely similar to each other when swatched, although they look a bit different in the palette.  I find they are very long wearing with an eyeshadow primer and the colour stays true.  On a whole, I’m very happy I decided to get this palette and happier that I got it at a great price!