I found this product at Walmart and I thought it was a highlighter duo.  The price was great at $8.98 CAD, so I just threw it in my cart.  When I got home, I really didn’t read the packaging and swatched it.  I then thought it was a crappy highlighter.  So that’s when I decided to read the packaging and found that it was not a highlighter at all and that it was a face illuminator.  This has actually turned out to be a very happy accident for me!


The packaging on this product is interesting, with both sides attached in the middle and when opened reveals a small mirror and brush which are both fairly useless.  The powders are fairly similar in colour but both match my skin tone very well.  I used the lighter one to set my undereye concealer and the darker one to set my foundation.  The look I achieved was stunning and I kept looking in the mirror every chance I passed one to see how it was wearing on me.  This product reminds me very much of the Hourglass illuminating powders, not in texture but in finish.  My skin was glowing but with no shine or glitter.  As an oily skinned girl, I never want to look like my skin is oily in any way and this product doesn’t do that.  Just Glow is very, very subtle and I love that it is.

I’ve been using my damp makeup sponge to apply and have been just pressing the product into my skin, I haven’t tried it with a makeup brush yet because I’ve been so pleased with the result.  To say I’m happy with this product would be an understatement, I’m thrilled!  If I had read the packaging in the store I probably wouldn’t have bought it and I would have missed out on a great product!