Many years ago Revlon discontinued a favourite lipstick of mine and I spent an entire year trying to find a replacement for it.  Then they released this lipstick, which I felt was the same but had different colours.  I immediately bought a ton of them and wore them for a long time.  Fast forward to earlier this week and I pulled these out of my makeup drawer and tried them again.  Still smooth to apply, so I thought I would start wearing them again.  I’m surprised that I had stopped wearing these at all.  I checked on Walmart’s website and you can buy them for $11.46 CAD.

These lipsticks apply like a dream.  One coat coverage, but buildable if you needed it.  There is a slight tackiness after it’s first applied, but that will disappear.  I think the thing that blew my mind is that I had forgotten how long wearing these lipsticks are.  They stayed on through all of my meals and if I needed a bit of a touch up, there was no problem applying over top of what was on my lips.  By the end of the day when I was ready to remove my makeup, I had to remove the lipstick as well.  My lips did not dry out at all.  I did check to see if there had been any additional colours added to the collection and there was not.  I wanted a nude colour but the one they carried has too warm in colour for me.  

I’m so happy to be wearing these again, I think I’ll check my stash and see what other lipstick treasures I’ve been neglecting!