I’ve been trying to get my brow game back on fleek, so I’m always checking out brow products.  I found this pencil at Walmart for $7.97 CAD in the colour Universal Taupe.  I may have found a replacement for my beloved Brow Wiz!

The Universal Taupe is a perfect colour for me.  The pencil is tiny and stiff and very easy to work with.  It’s also waterproof.  The tiny pink “brush” or rake on the other side seemed weird at first.  It felt sharp and hard against my eyebrows and I thought I might switch it out with the spoolie from a used up Brow Wiz.  I kept using it and I like it a lot now.  It combs my brows into place and also makes the applied pencil seem more natural on my brows.  I have not had any problems with the product moving or smearing, and it removes quite easily with micellar water.

I’m currently loving my brows now that I’m using this product!  You can check out the Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner here on their website.  It’s a Canadian brand that ships to the the US and there are many good deals available online.