When your friend finds an awesome product and tells you that you need it, you buy it!  I think we were shopping in the US and I picked it up for five or six dollars.  Here in Canada it’s available at Walmart for $7.47 CAD.

This gel like remover is very easy to use.  Just squeeze from the bottle on your cuticles, wait for 15 seconds, push back cuticles and wash it off your hands.  I often have it on longer than 15 seconds because I do all my nails at once and then push back the cuticles one at a time.  I have never had any problems with this method, no skin or nail sensitivity, no dryness or breaking out.  The bottle says not to leave it on longer than a minute though.  I find I only need to use it about once a month, so a bottle will last a very long time.

I’m glad my friend made the recommendation, this product has become a staple in my nail routine!