A few months ago I picked up some more of these hand soaps at the Semi-Annual Sale.  I always have a stockpile of these soaps because when they are on sale I grab a bunch.  I have never paid full price for these.  The last sale was 75% off and then with a coupon another 30% off of that.  I’m pretty sure I got them for under $2.00 CAD a piece.  I usually gravitate towards the fruity smelling ones.  One bottle of this foaming wash will last in my main level bathroom up to 7 months.  I also have one of their decorative covers that I found at an outlet store that I use.  It covers the summertime soap design that I’m using in the winter.

A little goes a long way with this soap, one squirt and you will have a handful of foam that is more than ample needed to wash your hands.  The fragrance will stay with you for awhile as well.  My hands never dry out or feel like I need lotion after using it either.

My only problem with these soaps is that there is so many wonderful scents that are geared towards the seasons.  I don’t want to use half of a fall soap and save it for the following fall and then use a winter or Christmas soap.  I suppose if you went through it rapidly, you might use it all up in that season but I don’t.  That’s why I’m using Sunrise Sail in the fall and thats OK!