I bought this product on a whim, I paid $5.49 CAD at Sally Beauty.  I have only seen Palladio products at Ulta in the US and at Sally Beauty.  A rice powder finishing powder was intriguing to me.  I bought translucent and it came with a small pad for application and I threw it away knowing I would never use it.

It’s a very finely milled and very much reminds me of corn starch, it does say rice starch on the ingredients so that probably why.  It also has talc in it and the first ingredient is calcium carbonate which is supposed to be good for oily skin and oil absorption.

I find this product applies easily with a brush and doesn’t look cakey.  I only use it occasionally as I don’t find I love the finish it gives me compared to other powders that I use?  I think it leaves my skin looking a little flat.   I still have to blot my skin about halfway through the day as I do with my other powders.

This product has a good price point and it works well, it’s just not my favourite.