I bought this a while ago at Sephora for $14.00 CAD in the scent vanilla grapefruit.  I was looking for an alternative to traditional stick antiperspirants that were breaking me out.  I paid the money for this one because I was running out of hope.  This is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.  A deodorant is used to mask or neutralize body odour and an antiperspirant is used stop the perspiration.  I had been using antiperspirants.

This deodorant smells delightful with a strong vanilla powdery smell, I can faintly detect a bit of citrus.  It’s very smooth and silky.  The smell of the product does dissapate while wearing it.  

I wore this for quite some time and it did not break me out, which made me very happy.  Unfortunately for me I have one stubborn armpit that likes to kick up some odour and Lavanila was unable to neutralize or mask it.  So for me it worked perfectly on one side and did nothing to help the other side.  (I think I would be a perfect candidate to test these products out!!!)

I love this deodorant and reach for it on “lazy” days when I know I won’t be sweating.  As you can see by the label, it’s full of great things and not tested on animals.  I would prefer to use a product like this all the time, but for now I’ve settled on antiperspirant sprays that work well for me.