This product is a mystery to me.  I picked it up at Rexall for $5.99 CAD.  I was intrigued when I saw it and wondered how it would work.  I checked out the website when I got home, it says that it preps and primes lips and helps lip colour to wear longer and helps to set and seal lip colour.  I loved the colour of it and it does say you can wear it alone.

It’s a frosty pinky coral colour.  And it looks nice applied to my lips.  It doesn’t dry down, so when I applied a lipstick over top of it, the two colours just meshed together and it made the lipstick I applied frosty.  I’ve tried this with several lipsticks and had the same result.  As for longer wear, I didn’t see any.  

I occasionally just wear this product alone because I don’t see any of the results it claims to have when I use it as instructed.  I’m truly baffled on how this is supposed to make your lipstick last longer when it doesn’t dry and is easily wiped off.  And why is it frosty?  I really don’t get it!  If you’ve tried this product and had success, let me know what I’m doing wrong.  Meanwhile I’ll just use this as a pretty sheer lipstick.