I’ve just cancelled my ipsy subscription.  Although September’s bag wasn’t the worst I’ve ever received, I find as a whole that I rarely use the products sent to me.  As a Canadian, our subscription is calculated in American dollars and last month’s bag cost me $21 with delivery.  I am certainly not receiving my money’s worth.  I can take that money and buy something I really want or need.  There is also the problem with the ever expiring points, I’ve cancelled with just enough points to buy something.  Unfortunately everything that was available were things that I received in previous bags and I didn’t like.  That’s OK, by next month most of those points would have expired.


First off I received some more face products.  It was interesting that on the back of the Acure bottle it said “sample not for resale”.  Didn’t I just indirectly buy this through my subscription?  Anyways both look like something I’ll use.  

I also received the worlds smallest sample of cream blush in the colour Ash.  I don’t use cream blush, so I’ll never use it.

I received a J Cat waterproof eyeliner in the colour bronze.  It says slide on pencil on the side, but I found it tugged on my hand when I swatched it, so much so that it broke.  It’s a pretty colour and I’ll have to sharpen it if I want to use it again.  It truly is waterproof and was very difficult to remove.

And finally eyeshadows from NYX.  The colours were not that pigmented, but they felt smooth and silky.  I’m sure they will be buildable.  I feel these are basic colours that everyone would already have, so I’m not thrilled.

So now that I’ve cancelled, I’m sure next month’s bag will be spectacular.  But that’s part of the problem isn’t it?  Always hoping that the next month will be better and it never is.  Good bye ipsy.