I picked this product up in the states at Walmart for $6 USD.  The colour I chose was light medium.  I was hunting for a new brow gel to keeps things in place.  This dual ended product has one end that is a coloured gel with fibres in it to help make your brows fuller and it also has a crayon type stick on the other end for highlighting under the brow.

The highlighter end is very frosty and not really fine enough to get below the brow with any precision and I find it blends away quite easily. The gel end is the perfect colour for me, but I was alarmed by the amount of fibres that come out of the tube on the brush.  The brush is a perfect size for my eyebrows.  The fibres are confusing for me.  I don’t see any difference when I apply this product to my brows.  I can see the colour and I like it, but the fibres don’t attach to my brow hairs, they tend to stay stuck to the brush.

I like the brush and the colour of the gel on this product, but other than that there is nothing spectacular about it.  The plastic cap on the highlighter end cracked in several places, so now the lid doesn’t stay on very well.  I think I would like this product so much better if it didn’t have the fibres and the highlighter.