This has been one of my favourite finishing powders of all time.  I bought this one in the States at the bareMinerals outlet for $18 USD.  You can pick it up in Canada at Sephora for $26 CAD.  I usually savour this product and will use others that I have and save this one for a great make up day.

Like some other finishing powders, this has cornstarch in it, but this one is so silky smooth and finely milled.  I usually shake a bit into the lid of the container and swirl my brush into it then glide it over my face after applying foundation.  

Although this powder looks like it has colour, it’s really transparent when blended in with a brush.  It doesn’t control my oily skin although it makes no claims to do such.  I just use it to set my foundation and gives me a nice finish.  E.l.f. has a mineral powder that I think is quite close, I’ve reviewed it here.  Although similar in ingredients, Mineral Veil is just a smoother product.   What’s your favourite finishing powder?