In my quest to find a lip product that will stay on all day, I found this amazing lip stain.  I wouldn’t call it a lip stain, I would call it a liquid lipstick.  It doesn’t stain, it stays!  I found this at Sephora for $18.00 CAD and I got the colours 13 Marvelous Mauve and 05 Infinite Rose.  These lip products might be the best long wearing product I have ever used!

These cream lip stains are just that, creamy.  They have a chemical sweet smell to them that is not appealing at all, but one applied, there is no smell or taste.

One dip of the applicator is enough to cover the entire lips.  It goes on very evenly and smoothly in one coat and it dries in just a minute or so.  Once it dries, it’s on!  You can barely feel the product on the lips and it doesn’t feel dry.

I managed to get Marvelous Mauve, which apparently is a very sought after colour, it’s a very nice browny mauve colour and dries down matte.  Infinite Rose, tends to lean on the peach side, it has a bit of shimmer to it, but is not sparkly by any means.

This cream lip stain lasts all day.  It lasts through meals and brushing teeth.  It stays on your lips and doesn’t transfer on to your cup.  It will begin to wear on the very inside of your lips, but both of these colours  barely showed that on me.  You can reapply if needed, but I found that the only time I had transfer of product was when I did reapply so I just leave it now.

Now getting this stuff off can be a little tough, but it’s not awful.  I dragged my finger through it for demonstration purposes and it barely smeared, I rubbed it with Kleenex and you can see that the majority of it stayed.  I put coconut oil on it and had to rub to get it off.  My micellar water took it off as well.

I really love this product and there is one more colour that I want to pick up.  There are a wide variety of colours available, with some nice reds and even a dark purple.  You can always check out Sephora’s website here if you are interested.  Bet you can’t buy just one!