My daughter bought this product and found it too drying for her skin.  She paid $6.95 CAD for it.  Since it was made for oily skin, she thought I might benefit from using it.  I had never used a Lush fresh Face Mask before and was excited to try it.  This product has to be kept in the fridge and it has about a 3 week shelf life.  I have used this product past the expiration date and I only found that it had dried up a bit.

This product smells like cocoa powder and mint.  It smells yummy at first but once I’ve smeared it all over my face it becomes overwhelming for me.  The product is to remain on the face for about 10 minutes and then be rinsed off, it’s not supposed to get dry.

I liked using this product, but am not sure of the long term benefits of it.  My skin felt good after using it but nothing spectacular and it certainly did nothing to stop my oily skin.  I think it would be too costly to use on a regular basis as you only get 60g in the container, which might only be good for 4 to 6 uses depending on how much you apply.  It’s always fun to use a mask, a little bit of pampering is a nice thing, but this isn’t a product that I must have in my life.  

If you return 5 cleaned out Lush pots to the store,  you receive a Fresh Face Mask for free.  I’ll give my daughter the empty container and maybe she’ll find another mask that won’t work for her *wink wink*!