I bought this palette several months ago while shopping in the States.  I picked it up at The Cosmestics Company for $28 USD knowing that it was $48 CAD here in Canada.  I bought the colour Pinkluxe.

It has beautiful pink and purple sparkly eyeshadows with one dark matte colour all in a sleek black case with a magnetic closure.

Although the colours are beautiful in the case, they are actually less so once applied.  The two pink colours are so similar in colour that there is no distinguishable difference when on the eyelids.  The lavender colour is almost a duochrome, but once applied the lavender disappears completely and it shows up as another colour.  The beautiful deeper purple shows up as a dark grey with chunks of glitter that just fall all over your cheeks when applied and the darkest purple is just patchy and difficult to work with.

Beautiful in the palette but completely different swatched.  Now to he honest, I do use this palette and can get a pretty look from it and I reach for it when I want a sparkly pink.  I use the pinks wet to get a foiled look, but the fallout is astounding in the two pinks and the glittery purple.  The two pinks fall apart at the slightest touch and the glittery purple is like a rock, the more you rub on it the more glitter it releases…but very little colour.

I’m not thrilled with this palette, but not totally unhappy either.  One the pinks are used up, I’ll probably have no use for it anymore.  So even though I bought it for a great price, I really didn’t get a great deal.