This is part four of a four part review on makeup sponges.  To read my review of  the Beautyblender click here, to read my review of Quo click here and my review of Real Techniques review is here.

I used these types of sponges for years before discovering foundation brushes and now I’ve returned to sponges again!  Not these ones though!  I picked these up at Dollarama for $2.00 CAD for a 24 pack.  I really use them for gradient nail art.

These little sponges “grow” when wet like the others I’ve reviewed, but they also become flimsy.  I also found them hard to squeeze the excess water out of, so they felt much wetter.  I found that they absorbed more makeup than the others, but they did a fine job applying but it takes longer because of the small size.  I didn’t even try washing them, but I think they are meant to be disposable.  I wouldn’t want to be responsible for throwing out one of these daily, that would be a lot of makeup sponges in the landfill!

These I think are the perfect travelling sponge, you can take it on a trip with you and toss it when you come home.  These do a good job, but nothing spectacular.  I’m going to stick to using them for nail art.