This post is number one in a four part series about makeup sponges.  

I received my Beautyblender in my Birchbox Canada, I was beyond thrilled!  It retails for $26.00 CAD at Sephora.  Mine came with the Blendercleanser Solid.  I’d like to apologize for showing pictures of my well loved but clean sponge…yes it never comes completely clean.

The purpose of the sponge is to apply your foundation.  First off you wet it, it “grows”, you squeeze out the excess water and then you use it to blend and press your liquid foundation on to your skin.  I find that it does a beautiful job and this product has changed my foundation game.  I can get a flawless look without streaks or buildup.  I also use it to blend in my concealer and I use it to apply my setting powder for my concealer.  The Blendercleanser Solid is really just soap.  It has a slight lavender scent to it, and it works well removing the makeup from the sponge, but I think a plain old bar of Ivory soap would do the same thing.  I still see (after months of use) bright pink dye coming out when I wash my Beautyblender with the cleanser.


You can see that it grows a significant amount when wet.  The pointy shape of the sponge makes it easy to to apply around the eyes and into the area around the nose.  The sponge does show wear and tear after use becoming stained and pitted.  I have been completely thrilled with this product, but the price prevents me from buying another.  Besides I think I have found a couple of inexpensive alternatives!

The next post will be a review of the Quo deluxe foundation sponge.