I had  two of these lipsticks and I found another one called Longlasting Lipstick Nude.  I had already chosen the nude colours from the regular line so I was happy to add another to my stash!  I picked them up for $3.49 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart.

These lipsticks are not only a great price, but they are moisurizing, great to apply, feel good on the lips and last a decent amount of time on the lips.  The regular Longlasting Line has a great variety of colours and the Nude line has three.  

The first two colours are from the regular line and Cool Nude is from the Nude line.  I like the little “e” stamped into the lipstick, it sort of reminds me of some higher end products.  These are wonderful lipsticks and with being so inexpensive, you can pick up three for the price of one regular drugstore brand.  

I’d also like to say that essence as a brand has surprised me!  I have gone back time and again and have been very happy with their lipsticks and their awesome The Gel Nailpolish that I reviewed here (and I picked up almost all the colours they have).  I love their gel eyeliners and eyeshadows and so much more!  Great products at a great price!  If you have never tried essence, I really think you should.