This is a purchase that makes me angry at myself.  Without research or ever hearing about it, I found this product at Winners and thought it looked like a great product.  It cost $7.99 CAD.  I like glitter nail polish.  Glitter is hard to remove.  A base coat that peels off sounds like a great idea…and it is.  My problem?  I think it’s just white glue.  I opened the bottle to use it and memories of my childhood flooded my senses, it smelled just like Alymers glue.  

I googled it and found many links to people who thought the same thing.  There was also many tutorials of people using watered down white glue as a base coat for glitter polish.  This is more watery than glue and is tricky to apply.  I was pulling dried pieces of the product off of the brush because when you dragged it across the rim of the bottle to get some off the brush, it would dry there and loosen and attach to the brush when you did it for the next nail.  It dries fairly quickly, just a few minutes.  Below I show it wet, dry and how easily it peels off.

Now this product does what it says and is not meant to be long lasting.  I applied it, then 2 coats of glitter polish and two coats of Seche Vite fast dry top coat.  About 12 hours later I had a small piece fall off, by the next day on that same nail it had lifted almost entirely and was easily pulled off. 


The residue can be removed by water or by nail polish remover.  My nails tend to peel and if I’ve applied too thin of a coat, I can get some lifting in the removal process.  If you want to use nail polish remover, it will work but you will have to do some rubbing, it’s so much easier to just peel off.  

So did I buy an expensive bottle of glue?  I hope not.  But if I had researched this product, I might have stopped at the dollar store and bought some white glue instead!