There is nothing more satisfying than finding an inexpensive product that will do the same thing as an expensive one.  When I ran out of Fix + last year I decided to research a dupe, there were also a lot of other setting sprays coming out on the market that were cheaper than Fix + but still pricey.   In this research I found that many gals were making home made setting sprays with glycerin.  I headed to Walmart and checked out the pharmacy shelves.  Rosewater was mentioned in some of the recipes and I found a bottle of glycerin with rosewater in it by Rougier and it was only $3.56 CAD.

I filled up a small spray bottle a quarter of the way with the product and filled the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  I thought I would have to experiment to find the right ratio, but it worked perfectly for me.  I was a little worried that because the label said it was for dry skin that it might cause excess oiliness on my already oily skin, but it did not.  

I’ll never go back to buying setting sprays because this one works for me and the rosewater makes it smell good as well.  Thanks to all of those resourceful smart gals out there on the internet and YouTube who posted their recipes,  you’ve saved me a ton of money!