I picked these up last summer at Meijer.  I know they were on sale, but I can’t remember what I paid for them.  They were not available at any of the stores here at home and I was after the colour Istanbul.  I got it and it’s nearly empty now!

These lip creams are unlike anything I’ve tried before.  First off they smell like vanilla icing, YUM!  Second, when applied the formula is so silky smooth and lightweight, it feels like nothing has been applied to your lips.  I can never get over the way it feels when first applied.  I wish it stayed that way, but on me it doesn’t.  As it dries down, I can feel an ever so slight tackiness to it that doesn’t really go away.  Then I can feel the product on my lips and the dryness begins.  When I press my lips together because it feels dry…there’s that tackiness again.  If you can get past this (and I tolerate it) it is truly long wearing and beautiful looking!

Istanbul did not disappoint and I’ve worn it a lot.  Because this is a matte formula, your lips need to be in tip top shape because it will show every little piece of dry skin.  It doesn’t leave lipstick marks on my coffee cup, and it stays on fairly well during most meals.  I prefer to remove it entirely before trying to touch up because I find it looks too cakey and uneven if I go over it.  My lips feel very dry after wearing it.  This sounds like a negative review, but I like this product, it looks so beautiful on the lips and one of the very few matte products I am able to wear!