One of my favourite stores to visit when I’m in the US is the Cosmetic Company Store.  I picked up this powder there for $22.50 USD.  I bought the shade Medium Plus for my “summer skin” and it matched beautifully.  It’s a very silky powder that you would use to set your foundation and something that I really like about this powder is that it doesn’t have that obvious mineral powder sheen but at the same time it’s not matte either.  It looks completely natural.

I find that it looks so natural on my skin that I use it alone on those days that I don’t feel like putting on a foundation.  I just swirl it on with a brush and my skin looks like mine, but just a little better.  This is a product that I don’t use everyday, but I reach for it at least once a week.

I don’t find it has any extraordinary mattifying properties for my oily skin, but it doesn’t seem to aggravate it either and it’s not one of the claims on the website.  I really enjoy using this powder.