My Brow Wiz ran out so I decided to use some eyebrow pencils that I had.  I just happened to run across this product at Walmart for $5.98 CAD and I thought that I would give it a try to help my poor performing pencils out. I got the colour 001 Blonde even though my eyebrows are darker than that, taupes usually work well for me and the brown seemed too dark.  It was also available in black.

The package said it’s a gel texture with a hint of tint.  I think otherwise.  It’s a cream texture with a lot of colour.  My first application was a complete failure as I also managed to comb some teeny tiny light hairs that I didn’t know were there and it looked like tiny specks above my brows.  I tried again and even after scraping the brush along the inside of the tube, I still had a lot of product deposited on to my brows.  I grabbed a spoolie and had to rake it out!  It certainly didn’t help any of my sparce areas, so I had to use a pencil to fill in those areas.  My next try involved doing the pencil first, then the gel, then raking the globs of colour out, then cleaning all the areas I didn’t mean to get colour on, then touching up.  Seems like a lot of work.  I’m not sure if it’s the brush giving me problems or if the colour is not right.  I’ll continue using it because it does keep my brows in place, but it really has caused a few more steps added to my brow routine!