While picking up some groceries I stumbled upon this product at Walmart.  It was advertised at $4.00 CAD, which I thought was a good price for a cleanser, an exfoiliating soap, 2 pore strips and a $2.00 off coupon.  I went through the cash register and paid, I also checked my receipt, it came up at $6.97.  I headed back to the display which was nearby and snapped this picture.


I headed to customer service to get this product for free!  In Canada almost all retailers adhere to the Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code.  If the scanned price comes up higher than the one advertised on the shelf then it’s free up to $10.00.  If the item is over $10.00, you would get $10.00 off that item.  You can read all about this code here.  So I happily walked out with a free product that I was excited to try!

Charcoal is the new “in” thing lately.  It’s supposed to absorb oil and help shrink pores.  I am the perfect tester for this product with my incessant oily skin.  I used the black soap first and it has a fine gritty texture that is supposed to help exfoliate.  For this to work you would have to rub the bar on your skin as it didn’t seem to come out in the lather,  it wasn’t easy but I managed to do it.  My face was sqeaky clean and tingly.  The tingle came from the peppermint oil.  The charcoal is actually listed as the last ingredient.  I also used the cleanser which worked well,  but again charcoal is towards the end of the ingredient listing.  As I seemed to be having a facial night with these products, I put a charcoal pore strip on to my nose.  These strips never really work well on me, and this one didn’t either.  

I chose not to put on any moisturizer on after using these products.  Usually my own oil will come to the surface quite quickly and I wanted to see if there would be a difference.  After several hours I checked…no oil.  None.  My skin looked dull but it felt smooth and there was no oil.  I was almost joyous!  Overnight would be the next test.  I woke up and there was very little oil.  I washed my face again with the cleanser and put on my makeup with no primer. By noon I’m usually an oily mess, but my make up looked just applied.  By evening my makeup looked like it usually does at noon.  

I’m SOLD on this stuff!  I’m not sure if it’s the charcoal in the product as I have never used any other Biore cleansers but this is working for me!  If you battle oily skin like myself, this is a perfect trial package at a great price.  (I’m sure the scanner price has been adjusted by now so you won’t get the deal I did!).  I’ll be using my $2.00 off coupon to buy the black soap, but I hope it scans wrong…