Sometimes the best products don’t cost a fortune.  I bought this primer from the e.l.f. website, where there is always a sale of some sort going on.  It’s priced at $6.00 USD but I paid $3.00 USD for it.  It looks like a high end product, but the packaging is all plastic.  It come with a pump dispenser, which is something I really like.  The product is smooth and silky just like some of the more expensive primers.  The sunscreen in this primer doesn’t matter to me as there seems to be SPF in many of the face products I use.  Most importantly, this product works for me, I find my makeup seems to last longer and my skin doesn’t get oily as fast.  My only minor complaint is that sometimes there is a bit of grittiness when I apply, but it just falls away.  For the price, I think this is a terrific primer!