I first saw this product being used by Babs Beauty on YouTube.  She does a “popsicle” lips look with it and I knew I needed it.  First thing I did was look at other marker type lipstains and I bought a couple of inexpensive ones but I was unable to achieve the look I wanted with it.  I finally broke down and bought Poppy Paradise at Sephora for $28 CAD.  This dual ended product has a marker lipstain on one end and a lipgloss on the other.

You first apply the stain which dries almost instantly and you top it off with the gloss.  With the “popsicle” lips look, you would just apply the stain to the center parts of your lips.  I have had a great time trying the stain out with different glosses, depending on the colour and the opacity, you can achieve many different looks.  

The stain is long lasting but will fade out some, it is not drying to the lips.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone because it does settle into the lines on your lips.  Topped with the gloss though you have a lovely summery colour!