Heat.  Humidity.  This is the time of year where I fight with my hair.  If I let it do it’s natural curl, it turns into a frizzy mess.  If I straighten it (which I like the best) it turns into a frizzy mess.  No winning for me.  I have tried so many drug store brands of anti-frizz products and I never had much luck.  Fed up I hopped into the car and drove to Sally Beauty Supply where they were having a buy 2 get one free sale on hair products.  I checked out all of the smoothing and anti-frizz treatments and settled on a brand called Biotera made by Naturelle.  With the buy 2 get one free sale I paid $20.78 CAD for the shampoo, conditioner and the leave in conditioner.  It promised on the bottle that it would lock out frizz for 3 days even in high humidity if you use all three products together.

I washed my hair and used the products as directed.  They all had a wonderful salon smell to them.  I found that the leave in conditioner weighed down my hair (I’m actually OK with that) and my hair took forever to dry.  The next day I went out into 88% humidity for an hour and a half.  My hair started to puff up and wave in places, but it didn’t frizz.  I was disappointed and thought that I had bought another product that wouldn’t work for me.  Not one to give up I continued to use these products and I’m VERY pleased now, it’s almost as if my hair is getting better each time I wash it.  I use a little less of the leave in conditioner than I did the first time and my hair still takes a long time to air dry.  It’s incredibly easy to use the flat iron now and it makes my hair feel silky smooth and look so shiny.  I am so happy with these products, my hair remains straight and without frizz in the humidty now!  Battle over…I win!