I grabbed this eyeshadow palette at Winners for $8.99 CAD.  In the package it looked like neutral shadows and for the price it looked like a deal!

It wasn’t until I got home and opened it that I realized it looked like Urban Decay’s Naked 3.  The colours were more pink than the neutrals I was expecting.

I tried them out for a few days and they are great!  The shadows are soft and I didn’t have much fall out with them and they lasted well throughout the day.  I decided to do a side by side comparison with the Naked 3 palette just because I found them so similar.

The colours really are very close as shown in the swatch picture below and a few are exact dupes!

So if you want something very similar to Naked 3 and equal in quality at a much lower price, I think you would be happy with the L.A. Girl Nudes Eyeshadow Collection!