While looking at the organic produce at Walmart I found Happy Planet Iced Tea there as well, of course I didn’t even have to think about it and I bought it for $4.97 CAD.  The first thing I did when I got home was to get a glassful of this stuff into me!  

It’s a very refreshing drink with a hint of lemon and the fact that it’s organic gives this iced tea high marks in my books!  It says on the bottle to consume within 7 days of opening, I couldn’t even let it sit around for three!  Yes, as I write this blog it’s all gone.  I did see that there was also a lemonade available, so I’ll be trying that one next!

There really is nothing better than a cold iced tea on a sweltering hot day…oh wait there is…a cold iced tea made by a Canadian company!  Check out their website here for more awesome products!