Eyebrows.  My eyebrows were always a source of compliments, then I began to age and my eyebrows took on a life of their own.  Growing in the wrong direction, sparse in places, growing a half an inch away from where they are actually supposed to be.  Eyebrow pencils.  That’s when I started using them.  I bought cheap pencils and they sort of worked fine, they needed constant sharpening them so I could get that very fine line I wanted and I could never get a colour that matched, it was always too dark.  I had heard of Anastasia Brow Wiz but didn’t want to put out the $27 CAD for it.   One day at Sephora I decided to splurge and the associate told me I could return it if I wasn’t happy.  I didn’t return it and I’m on my second one!  I use the colour Taupe and it matches me perfectly.  The Brow Wiz has a pencil on one side that is hard and small and is easy to handle.  I can draw tiny lines that look like hair onto the sparse part of my brows.  There is a spoolie brush on the other side to comb your brows.  This product lasts me a year!      My mother always liked to break the price of a product into the amount of days that you use it to determine if it was worth the price.  I do this all the time and the Brow Wiz works out to .07 a day for me to use. This is very much worth the price when I look at it this way!