Stay all day lip colour?  Yes please!  I headed to Walmart and picked up Pucker Up and Dare To Pink for $7.98 CAD each.  The claim is that it will wear for 16 hours, I just need about 8.  This dual ended lip product has colour that you apply and let dry on one end, then you add the other side which is a moisturizing top coat and you apply this throughout the day to keep your lips moist.

This product does stay on all day, but you can feel it.  When the top coat starts to wear off, it’s feels dry and sticky at the same time.  When reapplying the top coat, it feels thick on the lips.  For me it really is not a comfortable feeling.  Pucker Up is a bit more sheer and feels better, but has a ton of glitter in it that doesn’t wear well on me.

Provocalips does what it’s says.  It stays on through meals and beverages, and the colour does not transfer.  My problem with it is that if you are not constantly putting on the top coat, your lips will look and feel dry towards the end of the day.  It also looks like it’s caked on the lips and begins to feel flakey.  Removal is difficult and I have actually broken blood vessels around my lips trying to get it off.  Some of the other colours might wear differently, but I’m not willing to put out the money to find that out.