In wash scent booster?  Yes I’m a sucker for nice smelling things.  I’ve used these types of products since they came out and more recently I have been using Tropical Sunrise.  I picked it up on sale at Walmart but I can’t remember what I paid.  The regular price is $7.97 CAD.  I don’t know what a tropical sunrise smells like, but this sweet smelling product is as close as I will get!  Packaging is colourful and has some of my favourite colours on it. The little beads are waxy and must dissolve in the water during washing.

It does make my laundry smell great and this fragrance is my favourite so far.  It claims to have up to 12 weeks of freshness out of storage.  I thinks the smell only lasts for about a week or so if that, and I’m not sure what “out of storage” means.

Nevertheless I still buy this product when it’s on sale or I have a coupon.  I have used the beads in a dish as an air freshener in small spaces, and it has worked well.  I also have a toilet paper holder that used to have fragrance beads in it, I just replaced them with the Fireworks beads when the fragrance faded and it worked great, so I still continue to use it.

The amount used will determine how long a container lasts, mine has lasted me several months because I don’t use it every time.  It’s a great little laundry “treat” if you want to spend the money on it.