Is it pink?  Is it purple?  is it green?  When I saw this lipgloss last summer I had to have it!  What was this trickery in a lip product?  I managed to get the last one at Sephora for $23 CAD.  The holographic colours were dazzling!

  I’ve used this product a lot over the past year.  The colour really is just a pale violet pink with a shift of coral once applied to the lips.  It makes my lips look great, but I have never had one compliment or question about it when wearing it, so I think the the colour shift doesn’t translate well on the lips.  It smells like mint chocolate -yummy!

The packaging was giving me some problems.  The lid seems to only close half a turn and it easily opened in my purse and coated everything in a lovely holographic sheen!  Even when tightened very well, it still seems like you didn’t close it properly when you go to use it.  It also doesn’t last very long on the lips, so if you wear it on it’s own you will be constantly applying.

I still love this lipgloss!  It’s just fun.  How can it not just brighten your mood when you look at it?  Below I’ve captured some of the “moods” of Hypnotist!  Hypnotic right?