Recently I picked up another one of these blushes, so now I have three.  I bought Swept Away at an outlet store and Luvitate and Seduction I bought at Sephora.  They are listed at $30 CAD on Sephora’s website, I did get mine a while ago at a cheaper price.  I also noticed that all three of these blushes are not available on Sephora’s website but are available on the Bare Escentuals website.


I’ve hit pan on Luvitate which is a shimmery peach, Seduction is a hot pink and Swept Away is a nude peach.  These blushes are soft and buildable.  The hot pink needs a lighter hand.  I find these blushes keep their colour on me and don’t fade throughout the day.  I like these blushes because they are very complimentary to my fair skin tone and it’s fantastic that they all come from a line that I like and in a formula that works so well for me.  If you get a chance to swatch a few of these colours I think you’ll be surprised at how lovely they are!