I’ve had this nail polish for a couple of years now.  I spotted it on a shelf in a store recently and decided I should review it.  I picked mine up at Winners for $4.99 CAD in the colour Peony.  

It’s a little difficult to get full opacity, I still had some streaking after 3 coats.  There are little tiny white “lumps” in this polish that drive me bonkers!  You can see some on my thumb nail in the picture below.

The reason I like this polish is the colour changing properties.  I think it’s fun and unique.  This polish changes to a deep coral red out in sunshine.  I’ve hidden one finger so you could see the difference in the picture below.

So despite the streaky application and those tiny white lumps, I love this polish!  It’s a great summertime polish to wear to outdoor gatherings where you can show everyone your magic nails!