Have you ever removed your eye makeup with a cotton pad then spent the rest of the evening trying to remove a piece of lint that somehow managed to get into your eye?  I have and that’s when I moved up to luxury cotton pads.  Quo is a brand that is found exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and I buy the pads when they are in sale for $3.79 CAD.  


What makes these pads special is that they have “stitching” along the edge so they don’t fall apart like the regular ones do.  They also feel thicker.  I find them fantastic for make up and nail polish removal.  One side has a wavy pattern and the other side is smooth, I never pay attention to what side I’m using.

Below is a comparison between a no name brand and the Quo.  I dragged my fingers several times along both pads and you can see the amount of lint produced by the no name brand.  None came off of the Quo brand.


If you are removing a chunky glitter nail polish, the Quo brand will come apart when caught on the glitter.  A package of these will last me over 2 months and I feel it’s worth spending the extra dollar and change to buy them.