I found this beautiful nail polish at Walmart in the States for $3.96 USD.  

It’s actually darker in real life and had a purple shimmer undertone to it.  I applied my standard base coat then the nail polish.  It dried almost instantly to a matte finish.  I applied my top coat and was thrilled with the depth of colour. I do my nails at night, I woke up the next morning and managed to get a chip on one of my nails.  I wore it throughout the day and had some more chipping.  By the next morning ( 1 and a half days) this is what my nails looked like.

I usually get at least 4 days from a manicure.  It was almost as if my nails repelled this polish, I have never seen anything like it!  I’m going to play around with some other base coats and top coats from my collection to see if I can get longer wear from this polish.  It seems like such a shame because the colour is stunning!