I’ve got a secret.  I’m not a real blonde.  I have been a blonde for many years now with the help of L’Oreal.  I always buy my hair dye on sale and this time I picked it up for $8.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I like this particular product because it lifts my light brown roots without leaving it orange.  I do my hair every 5 weeks or so and I have become an expert at doing MY hair over the years.  My disclaimer would be always follow the directions enclosed with the product for the best results and there is a phone number on the box and printed on the insert if you have any questions.

I usually do my hair when it’s not been washed for a couple of days.  You mix step 2 into step 1, snap off the little nob on the bottle and shake with your finger covering the open end.  (You have your little plastic gloves on of course).  Since I am doing a root touch up, I just apply to my roots all over my head, wait the allotted time and then put the leftover mixture on the rest of my hair and leave on for a few minutes longer.  The toner is built right in and your hair will have a grey purple look before rinsing.  I rinse with water and apply the conditioner (step 3).  This conditioner is awesome and I use it weekly to keep my hair soft.  Sometimes if any brassiness is creeping in, I’ll use a purple toning shampoo to help keep it the colour I want.

One word of caution, just because it happened to me once.  Check that the number of the step 2 bottle matches the box number.  The one I had bought at that time was not taped and I suspect that someone switched them.  This was not the fault of L’Oreal and I always check to make sure the ones I buy are sealed now.  Thank goodness I checked before starting or I could have been a red head!

This is a product I’ve always had great success with and I think it’s fantastic!