I have never tried any Covergirl lipsticks and I don’t know why.  Recently while in the States I ran across a sale at Meijer, buy one get one half off.  It seemed like a good opportunity to give them a try.  I picked up one for $6.39 USD and got the other for $3.19 USD.  

I chose ones from the nude line because “nude” these days have quite an array of colours.  I chose Honeyed Bloom and Caramel Kiss.  Both applied very nicely and wore about 4 hours before needing a touch up.  They remained very moist on the lips and didn’t have any funky taste.  I would describe the smell as sweet without leaning towards any flavour descriptions.

The swatches shown were provided by my four year old grandson who took direction quite well and thought it was fun to write on Gramma with lipstick!  

These are great moisturizing lipsticks if you don’t mind reapplying during the day and the colour selection is excellent!