This is a product I bought without doing any research first.  If I had I wouldn’t have bought it!  I found it at Walmart and bought it for $9.96 CAD.  I figured since I was using an eyebrow pencil and then a clear mascara on my unruly brows that this product could do it all in one step.  When I opened it I was dumbfounded.  Pulling the brush out of the tube I could hear the scraping and then there was nothing left on the “ball” of the brush.  I tried it on my eyebrows and nothing was happening.  All of the product remained on the little bristles of the brush and those little bristles are impossible to use on your brows…because of the “ball”.

I tried using it several times with no success.  The formula is very wet, so I put it away for awhile to see if drying out would help the application.  I still couldn’t use it.  I’m thinking of clipping off the ball to see if I have any success that way.  I guess you can figure out that I would never recommend this product.  I’m puzzled about the fact that someone invented this brush, someone else thought it was a good idea, a test panel must have liked it and I am unable to use it.