I have curly hair.  Not those lovely curls that can be tamed, but wild unruly curls.  In high school they called me mop top.  I almost always straighten my hair but on humid days I turn into a frizzy mess.  I often have people comment that I’m so lucky, but they don’t realize that when you have “wild” hair, you get “wild” hair styles.  In the past I have used products for curly hair and I usually end up with a crunchy helmet head.

I found Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy at the Real Canadian Superstore for $9.99 CAD.  I thought I would give it a chance.  It has a nice lemon scent and it’s a cream.  

After washing my hair I add a little bit to my hands rub it together and run my hands through my damp hair then let my hair air dry.  When my hair dries, I have a mass of soft shiny curls.  Soft…I mean SOFT!  This product is a game changer for me!  Now anyone with curly hair knows that if you sleep on your hair, you are going to wake up with a massive mess in the morning.  When I use Curl Envy and I’ve slept on my hair, the next morning I spritz it with water and those lovely soft curls return!

If you have problems embracing your natural curl, this could be the product you have been waiting for!