I saw these liquified lipsticks at Sephora when they first came out.  The tester for the Metallic Peony was missing and it was really the only colour I was interested in trying.  Another trip at another time and there it was!  I swatched it and bought it for $25 CAD.  The regular formula of this lipstick didn’t really interest me.  I like a little more shine.  I found the formula easy to apply with the sponge tip applicator and really not “metallic” at all.  I felt it looks more glossy than anything.  It is fairly long wearing and when it does wear off you will find a glitter residue on your lips.

It is easy to reapply without getting a build up of product and I think that Melted Metallic Peony is a good summer lip colour to match corals and pinky corals.

I little goes a long way with this lipstick, so I’m sure this will last a long time!